Expatriate Services

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Expatriate Services

Immigration assistance, Visa Assistance and Government Registrations

FMC provides necessary assistance with all the paperwork and formalities at destination for Government registrations, residence permits and Employment visa extensions.

Home Search Services

FMC, through its established network of real estate agents excelling in executive housing can help assess the needs and budgets and provide expert guidance for the home selection process. We help the assignee with the search and selection of the property, lease negotiations, legal, registration and the inspection and inventory check.

Settling In Services

Support services like identification, purchase and installation of the right furnishings, furniture, appliances, Power backups, Air conditioners and automobile purchase and lease are available.

We also arrange housemaids for the residence, connections of the utilities and advise on bank account opening, school admissions and assistance in completing all forms, and also to orient the family with the new location.

Inter Cultural Orientation Workshops

This is a uniquely designed package that gives extensive information on the host country and is a guide to understanding local customs, culture, economy, politics, religious and social practices, recreation options and medical facilities. It is indispensable for those who are new to the country. It also carries a special feature on the destination city, connecting the expatriate family to their immediate environment and conditions in the fastest, most comprehensive way.

HHG (Household Goods Packing and Moving)

A very important part of any assignee move is the movement of personal effects and Pets to the destination. FMC is solely responsible for providing you with trouble free movement, and a similar quality of service at origin as well as at the destination anywhere in India, thus providing a seamless movement and delivery of House Hold Goods. FMC also provides HHG moving services to practically every major destination within India.

Helpline and Tenancy Management

FMC provides support services like taking care of the utilities on a daily basis, maintenance and repair at the premises including plumbing, carpentry and electricity related support and payments of bills on a monthly basis.

A help line for any assistance to the Assignee and his family throughout their tenure in India.

Departure Service

Before leaving for a new assignment to a new location, an assignee and the family require to take care of some formalities like, closing of bank accounts, termination of any contracts, closure of all memberships and subscriptions etc. On the personal front, they need assistance in packing and transportation of their House Hold Goods, travel arrangements and disposition of utilities and furniture not being carried with them. Other pre departure support includes, handing back of house/property to the current landlord and collection of all deposits and outstanding advances, retaking of inventory. FMC supports the assignee with all the departure activities, through its departure services program.